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Dog Training Seminars

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Jan Egil Eide Dog Training Seminar - QLD

Jan Egil Eide in Queensland, Australia 2020

17 & 18 September 2020

Australian Federal Government advise that international travel into Australia requires 14 days isolation which makes Jan's September 2020 visit to Australia infeasible.

Jan has agreed to ‘wait and see’ until closer to the time of his scheduled seminar in Qld before cancelling and rescheduling flights and venue to a future date when international travel into Australia is permitted without an isolation period.



  • $50 - non-refundable
  • Registrations are open and non-refundable deposits of $50 are required to secure your working spot in the seminar regardless of the date the seminar is delivered
  • If you pay your working spot non-refundable deposit it means that your working spot will be secured for the next SE QLD Jan Egil Eade seminar hosted by EquiCanine whether it be in September or later in 2020 or throught the year of 2021 when international travel is available again
  • If the Jan Egil Eide seminar is cancelled due to insufficient registrations a refund will be returned minus a $10 processing fee

Working spot

  • $240 / working spot
  • Sessions are 4 hours each which are split into 2 x 2 hours with a 2 hour rest break in between
  • Included in your working spot is auditing the full day


  • $60 - audit half day - Includes 1 x 2 hour Intermediate session & 1 x 2 hour Masters session = total 4 hours
  • $100 - audit one full day - Includes 2 x 2 hour Intermediate session & 2 x 2 hour Masters session = total 8 hours
  • $160 - audit two full days - Includes 4 x 2 hour Intermediate session & 4 x 2 hour Masters session = total 16 hours
  • Auditing includes invaluable benefits:
  • Joining in discussions
  • Walking and analysing the courses
  • Observing a variety of different dog and handler teams as they learn and progress throughout the seminar







17 09 2020

1100 - 1300

1315 - 1515

1545 - 1745

1800 - 2000

18 09 2020

0800 - 1000

1015 - 1215

1245 - 1445

1500 - 1700


The September 2020 Queensland seminar will be held at the Caboolture Sports Dog Obedience Club purpose built Des Strong arena which has a sand & fibre surface. This surface is perfect for running agility dogs on as it provides enough give so as to not jar their joints but is firm enough that the dogs do not slip on take-off, landing and turns.

  • Caboolture Sports Dog Obedience Club - Des Strong Arena
  • 34 Devine Court
  • MORAYFIELD, QLD 4506,+36+Devine+Ct,+Morayfield+QLD+4506/@-27.1025189,152.961736,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x6b93f3d5975ca3c5:0x1a64a336532a671a!8m2!3d-27.1025189!4d152.9639247


  • Camping on the club grounds is available for up to 30 people and 30 dogs.
  • The cost is $15 per site with a max of 2 people per site.
  • Toilets and a shower are available for campers to share.
  • You are responsible for arranging your own camping at the ground by contacting:

Jan's Bio

Jan Egil Eide is a professional trainer, a highly sought after teacher, coach, educator and international judge who travels far and wide to many countries including Australia, Singapore, Sweden, Spain, Austria, Luxembourg and within Norway to teach and judge dog agility.

Jan’s agility career spans 26 years in which time Jan and Malinois Cirkus successfully competed in many events across the northern hemisphere. Together they won silver as the Runner-Up World Champions at the 2008 World Championships and were the proud winners of the gold medal at the European Open in 2010.

Jan enjoys an active role within the agility community contributing in a multitude of ways by teaching workshops and seminars, judging, course design, organising competitions and competing and is a vibrant and energetic member of the Agility committee in the Norwegian Kennel Club.

As an International judge since 2001, Jan’s passion for judging is fuelled by his desire to design creative open flowing courses with the priority being that the courses are safe for the dog and handler and are enjoyable and challenging for teams to run.

Jan appointed to judge at the Agility World Championships to be held in Estonia in September 2020 which have now been moved to September 2021.

EquiCanine welcomes Jan back to Queensland, Australia to teach and challenge interested and keen Queenslanders how to handle and run agility courses ‘European’ style.

Read an interview with Jan: