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Dog Training Seminars

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Niki Drage OMD Seminar 2020 - QLD - Single Audit


Niki Drage OMD Seminar 2020 - QLD - Two Audit Session


Niki Drage OMD Seminar 2020 - QLD

Working spot available 


Niki Drage - OMD Coach


OMD Coach - Niki Drage has been booked by EquiCanine™ to return to the Gold Coast in SE QLD to deliver a 3 day OMD seminar on 24, 25 & 26 July 2020.



  • The OMD seminar will be held at Lisa Kaddatz's property in the suburb of Boyland (via Canungra) QLD.
  • The property is home to Agilepaws Border Collies, so it is fully fenced with a dam for the dogs to swim, has ample shade and lush green grassed areas where self contained camping is available for those travelling. 

COVID compliance

  • The seminar will be operated under an approved Industry COVID Safe Plan
  • All attendees are required to comply to the plan at all times whilst at the venue


Working spot

  • Includes auditing all 3 days with your working spot
  • $240 / working spot = 2 x 4 hour sessions spread over 2 days as outlined in the Schedule 
  • If you are new to OMD then it is a requirement that you complete the NOVICE sessions in your first seminar. If you wish to discuss this with EquiCanine then send an email to


  • Auditing available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday sessions
    $50 - audit one session
    $80 - 2 audit two session
  • Auditor numbers will be capped to comply with Qld Government COVID restrictions
  • Auditors may book & pay via the EquiCanine website 


Schedule - Times may vary slightly 


8am – 12noon

1pm – 5pm


24 July 2020


[session 1 of 2 sessions]


[session 1 of 2 sessions]


25 July 2020


[session 1 of 2 sessions]


[session 2 of 2 sessions]


26 July 2020


[session 2 of 2 sessions]


[session 2 of 2 sessions]



About Niki

View more of Niki and her dogs on her YouTube channel:


Niki is the Director of Drage Dogs

She is a passionate and energetic agility coach and competitor and has been competing in agility for over 10 years and her passion for the sport continues to grow.

Most recently Niki became interested in the OneMind Dogs system ( and started researching the methodology intensely.


The focus of the OMD system on body language and connecting with the dog really spoke to Niki, so she decided to learn the techniques and foundations through online learning and it wasn’t long before she noticed the impact this methodology had on her relationship with her dogs.


After several months of training with the OMD philosophy of “Connect, Commit, Cue” and learning and developing every day thanks to the online learning available at the OMD website, Niki attended an OMD seminar in Sydney with her competition dog Flow and her OMD addiction grew even stronger! Finally Niki had found a way to communicate with her dogs and let them know where they are going next, it really felt as though they were running courses as one.


Before long the effects of OMD training were apparent in Niki’s competition results. Not only did runs start to feel smooth and almost effortless, but the amount of clear rounds and first places increased significantly as she learned to listen to her dogs on course.

Niki will be forever grateful to OMD for the way their methodologies completely changed her attitude in agility and her relationship with her dogs. So in January 2015 when the opportunity to attend an OMD coach pilot program came up, Niki jumped at the chance to help share this wonderful philosophy with others. After an intensive week long training program in Finland with the OneMind team members, Niki is now a qualified OMD coach and is sharing the OMD methodology with students around Australia who are keen to get mentally connected with their dogs!