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Kelly Gill - Trick Training Webinar 1 - 24 May 2020


Webinars take place using Facebook Live:

Kelly Gill Trick Training Webinar 1

5pm to 7pm Eastern Standard Time - Australia

Can’t make the dates or times - Not a problem as the recording will be available in the PRIVATE Facebook group afterwards.

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Teaching Tricks is a lot of fun! But it can sometimes be quite complex for you and the dog. Often we don't have a clear plan as to how we are going to teach something.  This can be difficult for your dog and lead to a lot of failure!  Often the result of too much failure is a dog that starts to shut down, stops trying or gets over aroused and frustrated. So here is the plan to overcome these hurdles.

In week 1 Kelly will explain and demonstrate:

•    Discuss the foundations required for all of your future trick training
•    Share how she teaches, removes the lure and proofs behaviours
•    Explain how tricks can be used to build confidence for you and your dog

Tricks in webinar 1 will include:

•    Paw touches
•    Leg weave
•    Go between your legs
•    Head down
•    Roll over
•    Play dead
•    Nose touch
•    Feet up on something
•    Sit pretty
•    Push something with the nose
•    Bow

Join our three part trick training webinar series with Kelly Gill and "The Wonderdogs" where Kelly will explain and demonstrate to you just how easy it is to teach everything from simple behaviours right through to complex tricks by breaking down behaviours to make it easy for the dog to learn whilst also building an amazing relationship with your dog through the process of teaching tricks.

As Kelly works with different members of “The Wonderdog” team you will see each training step and Kelly will discuss how each dog may require different ways to teach the same trick plus throughout the webinars you will have opportunity to ask Kelly questions which will be shared with the audience so that everyone can learn together.

This will be a super exciting interactive webinar series that is suitable for anyone that wants to have fun with their dog and learn how to easily train their dog to achieve the tricks. Throughout the 6hr three-part webinar series Kelly will guide you to learn and use suitable and safe training skills that build drive & confidence for your dog to bring out the best in both you and your canine companion.

Kelly Gill

Kelly and her team of Border Collies have gained over 300 Obedience & Agility titles, two Obedience Champion titles, four Agility Champion titles, been multiple Winner of Winners including The Sydney Royal and Border Collies Nationals, and NSW point score winner multiple times along with many National Agility Championship first places.

Kelly enjoys the challenges of training her dogs through fun, reward and games to ensure they are highly skilled and excel in obedience and agility competition; of training dogs and cats for appearances in the film and TV industry; and performing live on stage with her team of very talented chocolate & white Border Collies – The Wonderdogs and her cats Tigger & Sunny.

The Wonderdogs have appeared in TV commercials including Kraft Cheese, Jeep, Bravecto Cat, Pet Circle, Alliance, Fujitsu air con, Freeview, Virgin Velocity and appeared at the Dog Lovers show and Cat Lovers Show plus have been Mascot for The Sydney Sixes Cricket.

Kelly and her partner Robert and family of 12 Border Collies, a JRT, a Papillon, 2 cats, a horse and a miniature pony live on a large property in the Hunter Valley where Kelly has successfully been breeding Border Collies since 1999 under the KERODAN prefix.

The Wonderdogs many film and TV appearances can be viewed on their Facebook page: