Canine & Equestrian Training

Alexandria hails from Queensland, Australia. She has been involved with dogs and horses from her earliest memories having being born and raised on an equestrian stud and cattle property. She recalls when she was around 6 yrs training the farm working cattle dogs to jump up and down onto the farm machinery and over and under obstacles that were around the dairy farm.  


Alexandria's team of dogs are ALL rescues, unwanted and with limited time left, she gives them a forever home and trains and makes a champion out of the dog in front of her.   She currently has a team of 5 rescue dogs  she fondly calls The Wild Motley Crew consisiting of Zita, Shadow, Spryte, Zani (who is deaf) and 10 month old '˜champion in training' Wegz .


The Wild Motley Crew are successful competitors in a raft of dog performance sports including Agility, Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Herding, Earthdog and Tricks.   They have won numerous State Awards and have been selected twice to represent their State at National championships.   


Alexandria believes that training with our canine companions must be fun, fun, fun and that the dogs remain engaged with us because they want to be.   She believes that building the relationship and connection with the dog and rewarding the dog for a job well done is paramount to success.  


Alexandria loves dogs and horses and finds it very rewarding assisting people to achieve their training goals and in her own words '¦ 'œThe most important thing for me is that the dog or horse in front of me is comfortable and willing to engage with me and that they have a healthy happy life living as a dog/horse first and then the training and copmpetition come second.   I live my life with the crew 24/7 and I truly love the training side and watching each one develop its understanding and skills.'