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Terms and Conditions for EquiCanine™ event partipants

By paying for and attending an EquiCanine™ event you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  • I accept that all photos and videos taken by EquiCanine™ or by an EquiCanine™ representative at an EquiCanine™ event, remain the property of EquiCanine™
  • I give permission for my name and photos to be used and for me to appear in visual and/or audio recordings which can be used in advertisements, documents and other promotional material published by EquiCanine™
  • I will handle and train my dogs using only positive reinforcement-based training methods at any EquiCanine™ events
  • I accept that any form of aversive or harsh handling will not be tolerated at any EquiCanine™ events
  • I will abide by the lead & collars rules for working my dogs in an agility or obedience EquiCanine™ event
  • I acknowledge the definition of a slip lead, or a similar style collar and lead, is that it:
    • will open up so that the loop easily slips over the dogs' head
    • will have a stopper that prevents the lead from tightening around the dogs neck
    • will allow 2 - 3 fingers, up to the second knuckles, to be placed perpendicular between the lead and the dogs neck
  • I will work my agility dog without a collar or lead when running on course
  • I will work my obedience dog in a flat collar and lead
  • I will not use an electric collar, e-collar, check collar, choke collar, prong collar, pinch collar, martingale lead or slip lead or similar style lead, that does not have a stopper to prevent tightening around the dogs neck
  • I agree to move my dog between the working area and crate/car using either:
    • a standard lead that clips onto the dog's flat collar
    • a slip lead with a stopper that prevents tightening on the dogs neck
    • a correctly fitted standard harness or front attach harness is acceptable
    • 'No pulling' harnesses are not acceptable


  • By accessing, browsing or paying for services, downloads, products and/or events from EquiCanine™ you signify your acceptance of the following terms and conditions:
  • You agree that EquiCanine™ may hold your details for the purpose of completing your orders, or contacting you regarding your dealings with EquiCanine™
  • Privacy Statement
  • Email campaigns conducted from servers run by EquiCanine™ conform with the Australian Spam Act 2003
  • Information in the EquiCanine™ website is subject to change without notice