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A rider's perception of the position of their pelvis and torso can often be inaccurate; therefore it is valuable to receive accurate feedback. Technological advances in biomarker measuring devices and telecommunications now make this possible and are easily and economically available from EquiCanine™.

The CoreX Equine Level Belt and App bring science to the saddle. The App assesses the position of the rider's pelvis in the frontal and sagittal planes of motion during riding, providing immediate and constant biofeedback that alerts the rider to postural errors when postural control is lost or when the rider has positioned their pelvis out of a pre-specified range of motion. This can help riders learn to avoid poor habits, and can promote muscular correction and neuromuscular coordination–empowering riders to effectively take control of their postural strength and alignment.

The CoreX Equine Level Belt and App helps you to HELP YOUR HORSE