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Each rider's physical structure–their unique shape, natural asymmetries and their individual anomalies, due to neuromusculoskeletal trauma, result in riders having some kind of imbalance in their body. This affects the rider's relationship between the saddle and their ability to sit straight and in a position in which they can ride symmetrically in balance, rhythm and harmony through each of the horse's gaits.

The CoreX Equine Level Belt and App, available from EquiCanine™, provide real-time feedback so that riders can adjust their pelvis to a central position, both laterally and anteroposteriorly; in the middle position–that is, not too far to one side, too forward, or too backward. The centrally positioned pelvis provides a base of support to balance the erect torso upon, with the head balanced on top of the spine.

A balanced rider has muscle strength, tone, relaxation, flexibility and coordination at the pelvic level. This can help to prevent falls and injury, and allows the rider to synchronise with the horse's movement; to sit deeper, and to consistently absorb the rhythm and up–down motion of the horse.

The CoreX Equine Level Belt and App Helps riders to IMPROVE BALANCE