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CoreX Equine

The CoreX Equine app, combined with our Cloud Service, is where you'll monitor, measure and compare training results.

  • Customisable - Select the level of riding ability—from beginner to advanced—as well as the type of gait: walk, trot, canter.

  • Multiple alerts - Audio, visual and vibrating cues help riders and trainers correct techniques on the move.

  • Data access - All your biofeedback data is stored securely through the Cloud and can be sorted by dates, horses, etc.




Watch this video demonstrating CoreX's effectiveness in correcting rider posture in real time.

Customise to Your Ability Level

CoreX Equine provides the ability to customize the level of difficulty, the ability to track and measure different riding styles and techniques and measure biofeedback across multiple planes, and the…


Help Your Horse

A rider's perception of the position of their pelvis and torso can often be inaccurate; therefore it is valuable to receive accurate feedback. Technological advances in biomarker measuring devices and…


Improve Balance

Each rider's physical structure–their unique shape, natural asymmetries and their individual anomalies, due to neuromusculoskeletal trauma, result in riders having some kind of imbalance in their body. This affects the…


Build Core Strength

A rider's postural strength and cohesion comes from developing strength and tone in the core muscles. These muscles stabilize the pelvis, spine and ribcage, and control the position of the…